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Have had the pleasure and good fortune to have been doing business with Jennifer for almost 10 years. As a small business owner, I've witnessed and experienced her absolute integrity, exemplary work ethic and remarkable intelligence, as well as her personal and professional growth over a broad range of topics and issues. I highly recommend her to all Cooper City residents as an exceptional candidate to be your Cooper City Commissioner!

George Mihaiu
Fort Lauderdale Media Associates, Inc.

As a Cooper City resident that has not only grown up in Cooper City, attended Cooper City High and now have raised my 3 children in Cooper City Schools (Griffin, Pioneer and CCHS)for the past 20years, I have worked with and alongside Jennifer Goldfarb in our schools through PTA/PTSA for 12 years. She has been an outstanding volunteer helping our schools, children, teachers, and community. Jennifer has a passion to help people. One of the best qualities is that she is someone you can rely on. When she commits to a task, it gets done yesterday. I love that she is not a procrastinator and she is accountable. She has proven to be a great leader that is financially responsible and tries to use the money as wisely as possible. She truly cares about not wasting money or spending it unnecessarily. Jennifer Goldfarb will make a great COOPER CITY COMMISSIONER!


Heather Tanner
Cooper City Resident

My name is Diana Castellanos and I’ve lived in Cooper City since 1998. I met Jennifer Goldfarb in 2008 at Griffin Elementary where both our children attended. She was very involved with the PTA and we both served on numerous committees. She is a person of high moral character and one of the most honest people I know. Jennifer is hard working and very dependable. She is a committed mother and wife and Girl Scout leader in our community. I believe Jennifer would make an excellent City Commissioner. I believe Cooper City would benefit with such an honest, dependable and motivated person representing all its residents. She has my vote!

Diana Castellanos 
Cooper City Resident

I’ve known Jen Goldfarb for over ten years. In that time, I’ve known her to be a tireless volunteer who always works toward the goals of the organizations she supports, be it PTA, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, or Band Parent Associations. In my experience, she has always shown the highest levels of integrity, diligence, and hard work. I trust that as City Commissioner, she would bring that same level of dedication to representing the residents of Cooper City.

Amy Breslin
Cooper City Resident

As a current educator in the Cooper City "Fab Five" school system, I am thrilled to see someone of your character running for the position of commissioner, Jen Goldfarb! Thank you for your commitment to Cooper City. I think your business expertise in accounting and finance combined with your service-oriented heart and moral character would be of sincere value to our community. I have witnessed the Girl Scout's Magnolia Service Unit run like clockwork under your leadership. I am confident you would be a commissioner we could trust. Please let me know how I can support your candidacy.


Angela E. Lawrence
Cooper City Teacher

I have known Jennifer for over a decade. We met through different Girl Scout activities and had the opportunity to work together in various projects, both as Troop leaders and Service Unit Managers. I have had the chance to see first her diligent work ethic, the attention to detail she puts to everything she does and her ability to look at the bigger picture, while still addressing the particular issues to any situation. Jennifer is an individual that is willing to take risks, she is confident and always keep an open mind. We have not always agreed on the optimal solution to an issue, and she has always been respectful of other's opinions and listens to divert views.  Unlike many politicians that are all talk but no action or let their ego get in the way of finding the best outcome, Jennifer puts her words into action, after careful consideration. She cares for the issues, and she shows what she cares by finding solutions to problems, knowing that sometimes the best solution might be the one proposed by someone else. I have seen first hand how careful she plans and execute those plans, managing efficiently, and using wisely the resources available to her. Her work ethic is above par, and she would be an asset to the City, bringing a brand new outlook.

Dr Nazly Nardi

Local College Professor

I met Jen Goldfarb eight years ago when my then elementary school-aged daughters joined her Girl Scout troop.  Her passion and dedication to the Girl Scout organization was and continues to be inspiring. She has always been incredibly efficient in planning and organizing events, but having the best interest of her girls in mind is by far her greatest asset. She truly cares to do the right thing for others and gives 100% effort to all her endeavors. 

R. Ferreira

Cooper City Resident and Teacher


I've known Jen Goldfarb for 12 years and I can attest to the fact that she always steps up and does what's right and best for the situation at hand. Sometimes those decisions are not easy to make and may not be popular, but they are always right and just. She is an excellent candidate for Cooper City Commission.Vote for Jen!!

Jen Movic
Cooper City Resident

I had the pleasure of meeting Jen many years ago when our daughters played softball together. Jen was the teams coach and her dedication to the girls was amazing. When my daughter started Griffin she was involved with the PTA and did an fantastic job. Jen is a leader in our community. Her character and work ethic is impressive. I'm confident she will do the same when elected to the City of Cooper City commission. 

Isiady Honan
Cooper City Resident

I unequivocally endorse Jennifer Goldfarb - she is an excellent candidate and is proven deserving of winning this campaign.  

Goldfarb is a long standing and involved Cooper City resident and will always stand firm for what is best for the residents and community.  I Donely that but she rolls up her sleeves and she gets things done!  Goldfarb has tremendous integrity.  She is influential and takes quick action.  

Over the years Goldfarb has contributed countless hours of service both individually and through many organizations and has made lasting improvements and impacted lives across not only Cooper City, but across neighboring Cities and all of Broward County. 

As a resident, mother, Optimist Coach, PTA/PTO, Girl Scout Leader/Service Unit Leader, and financial expertise, she is well-versed and qualified.    

Goldfarb will listen and act on what the community needs.  She recognizes where there are gaps and consistently steps up to represent those who cannot effectively speak for themselves.  

Goldfarb is responsible, passionate and a true leader.  She is not in this for the politics or selfish purposes.  She’s stepping up for us, for Cooper City, for needed improvements.  Goldfarb cares deeply and has pride in our community.   

You can absolutely count on Jennifer Goldfarb!!  Please give her vote!  We need her.  

- Rebecca Rinella
18 year Cooper City resident

I have had the opportunity to know and work with Jen personally over the course of several years. Jen constantly goes above and beyond to help the community and others in a variety of ways. From Girl Scouts to parenting to PTA to running her own business, Jen has always been a selfless woman. She is organized, driven, passionate, creative, and truly wants the best for those around her. Not only is she an incredible leader, she is a phenomenal role model to others. As Cooper City continues to grow, it needs a leader who is prepared for the change and able to guide our community in the right direction. Jen Goldfarb is truly an ideal fit for the job and will not only be a voice of reason, but ensure that this city remains someplace special.

-Gaby Garcia

Cooper City Resident

As a former Volunteer of the Year for the United Way of Broward County, and past Board Chair and Board Member of the Broward County Chapter of the American Red Cross, I think it’s fair to say I recognize the heart of a community leader devoted to service rather than self. With that being said, I am supporting Jennifer Goldfarb for Cooper City Commission, District 4 in the November 2020 election. Her devotion to community is obvious, with a long history of service and activism. Her abilities and training in the financial accounting world, including forensic accounting will be invaluable to the Commission and the city. Her acute knowledge of the issues facing Cooper City and her ability to act upon and resolve such issues will be of supreme value to every resident. Jen talks the talk and walks the walk. I am a 33-year resident of Cooper City and I’ve seen commissioners come and go and I feel Jen would certainly be one of the best. I’m asking you to please join me in supporting Jen Goldfarb with your donation, your vote, your time, and encouragement.

Mark Holmes
Cooper City Resident

I met Jen about six years ago through Girl Scouts. She has always been around to listen, help, and direct as the leader of our community's Girl Scout program.  

During this time, I have witnessed her leadership and ability to accomplish the goals she sets out to do. She has always made an inclusive environment for the kids and has made this program a thriving one.
Jen has also made an effort to inform residents about our city's choices and advocate for community members on important issues. She holds herself to a high standard of honesty, and hopes to improve our city's social and economic standing.  Over the years, Jen has made her concerns about fiscal responsibility and our community's consistent increase of taxes known. I share these views and confidently feel she will openly discuss those and all other community concerns as commissioner. 

In my opinion, Jen has the integrity,  knowledge, and common sense to improve Cooper City for Everyone.  She would make choices that would benefit us all. 

MiaJoy Wilson

Cooper City Resident

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