Cooper City is an amazing community with a diverse population. We need to come together for the benefit of all residents. We want Cooper City to provide the highest level of service, while exhibiting fiscal responsibility and keeping our taxes affordable.

As an older community, we must invest in our infrastructure. Our lighting, roads, parks, and sidewalks need to be repaired and/or replaced consistently to ensure they are safe for residents. The city must:

  • Allocate sufficient funds to capital improvements

  • Create a 5-year plan that includes infrastructure projects. 

  • Commission and Management must  stick with the rotation of necessary repairs and make this a priority. 


Our city has spent years overspending, and it's time for us to gain control of our finances. We need to ensure that residents receive services while also not making their tax bill unaffordable. Some of the ways we can do this are:

  • First and foremost, residents should have access to financial reports that they can understand. Clear and concise reports must be available online for residents without needing to request these from the city. 

  • The city must adjust our revenue streams to include the fire assessment, recreation programs, building permits and other revenue generating items so that residents are not compensating for these items in their tax bill. 

  • The commission should do everything they can to keep spending under control which may include cutting some feel-good spending.

Public Safety

Government's first priority should be to ensure the safety of it's residents. This includes: 

  • Providing the level of service that we have come to expect.

  • Working together with the Broward Sheriff's Office to build a relationship with law enforcement and residents. 

  • The city needs to spend time analyzing our current codes to ensure that they reflect the needs of the tax payers.

  • We should consider bringing code enforcement in house so that we can better manage their actions. 


I would like to work with residents and staff to ensure an open dialogue and positive flow of information. It is crucial for the city that we all work together to keep Cooper City moving in the right direction. In the past decade there has been some negativity spreading. In order to grow and be the best community for all residents we must:

  • Heal the divisiveness in our community. We should create a team mentality that residents and staff can get behind.

  • As a commissioner, I will continue to inform the residents about issues that are coming up in the city including important agenda items.

  • Flow of information from the city must be improved. The city needs to consistantly send newsletters via email and post news and events on their social media accounts. 

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